Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sacred Number


It is considered a sacred number. A union of the earthly world and the spiritual world. Symbolic of completeness. 

My dear Joan, you would have turned seven years old today. That is impossible to imagine. 

Life took on a whole new meaning when you entered it. There is a before. And an after. The path of my life ended. And a new road began.

Life would be so different if not for you and your brief but powerful existence. The sorrows are deeper, the joys are greater. I wouldn't change it for the world. You've brought me purpose and fulfillment that I never imagined.

You live on through me and others that love you, inspiring change, compassion, connection.

You've taught me to embrace the adventure of life and to travel wherever it leads. 
Not to plan, but to be present. 
To notice those pivotal moments that give me goose bumps and make my hair stand on end. Signs that I am where I'm supposed to be. 
To understand what changes can be made -- and should be made -- until the next step presents itself. 
To feel the ripples of connection and love pouring out into the world through our actions.

There are so many exciting things happening through Joan's Reach. So many inspiring people you've brought into our lives. So many individuals touched, lives lifted.

Joan, as this seventh year begins, our connection, our purpose is not complete. In some ways it feels like it's merely beginning. 

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